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We’re not like your past dates.

Our brand was built on a foundation of sustainability; from palm tree to package, we truly walk the walk, setting us apart from other date growers and date brands.



  • Up to ~42g of Plastic
  • 91% of Plastic not recycled
  • Mixed from other multi-state and multi-country growers
  • Conventional and Organic. Not certified Glyphosate Residue Free


  • Less than 2g of plastic
  • Paperboard material made from recycled material and recyclable
  • Single-source fruit from our California farm
  • 100% USDA Organic and certified Glyphosate Residue Free
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  • Less than 2g of plastic
  • Sustainable packaging made from post-consumer recycled material 
  • Single-source fruit from our California family farm
  • 100% USDA Organic and certified Glyphosate Residue Free

Our dates are more than Organic, they’re certified glyphosate residue-free dates meaning no nasty herbicides, pesticides or fungicides, ever. All Joolies dates are single-origin, meaning you can trace them back to our California farm.

Our majestic date palms absorb and store carbon more efficiently than other trees - in fact, one date palm tree can reduce carbon dioxide by 200 kg annually, meaning that 1,000 acres of date palms will take the equivalent of 38,252 cars’ worth of carbon dioxide off the road per year (and we have over 50,000 palms on our farm)!


We grow with nothing but the power of the California Sun and thoughtful use of water via drip irrigation. No dates go to waste! We find a way to use absolutely everything - from reusing palm fronds as fertilizer to upcycling lower grade fruits into our Ugglies, Date Toppers, date syrup and cull to cattle feed. Everybody wins!


What about packaging? We’re so glad you asked. We use less than 2 grams of plastic per container and our paperboard material is sourced from recycled materials while our resealable pouches are made from post-consumer recycled material.

While we agree this is groundbreaking, it shouldn’t be. Join Joolies in being a part of the change!

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