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The 24 Best Food Gifts to Send Newly Married Couples

The 24 Best Food Gifts to Send Newly Married Couples

The wedding registry industrial complex tells couples they should focus on the we’ll have these forever items. You know, your KitchenAid stand mixers, your Le Creuset Dutch ovens, and your All-Clad pots and pans. But the days of the extravagant and expensive registry are waning. Since most people have fully stocked kitchens when they get married, many opt for non-registry registry options, like giving to charity or creating a honeymoon fund.

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Joolies expands distribution to the East Coast and into Europe

Joolies, known for fresh organic California Medjool Dates, has expanded distribution to the U.S. East Coast and into Europe, including the United Kingdom. In the U.S., Joolies can now be found in the Mid-Atlantic in Shoprite, Safeway and Acme stores as well as Lowe’s Markets in the Carolinas.

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Joolies Chief Offers Ramadan-Themed Date Products

Ramadan ends today, and with it a unique promotion by a U.S. brand with high cultural relevance to the American Muslim community: Joolies dates.

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These Date-Filled Maamoul Cookies Are the Sweetest Way To Get Your Fiber

Ramadan is the holiest month of the year for Muslims. It’s a time of prayer, worship, and reading the Quran. It’s also a time for fasting. From sunrise to sunset, those participating in Ramadan abstain from all foods and liquids.

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom

Most of us fall back on the classics when it comes time to buy Mother’s Day gifts: flowers, fancy tea, a card, or a framed piece of kid art. But if you’re missing your mom now more than ever


California date farmers lean into Ramadan season’s spike in sales

(RNS) — Ramadan is a blessing for the date farmers of Coachella Valley in the California desert. Traditionally the food Muslims turn to at the end of a day of fasting in the Islamic holy month



Islam’s holy month of fasting, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and marks the time when the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.


California date farmers lean into Ramadan season's spike in sales

(RNS) — Ramadan is a blessing for the date farmers of Coachella Valley in the California desert. Traditionally the food Muslims turn to when they break their fast at the end of a day of fasting in the Islamic holy month


How To Make The Ultimate Vegan Charcuterie Board

As climate change impacts more of us each year in our everyday lives – whether in the form of winter storms, hurricanes, forest fires, floods, or other natural disasters – consumers increasingly are demanding eco-conscious food products.


36 Delicious Foods And Snacks You'll Want To Order Online Right Now

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page

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The 9 Best Smoothie Ingredients of 2021, According to a Dietitian

Smoothies are an incredible way to consume a potent dose of nutrients in one meal. Great for picky eaters, folks with little time, or those who would rather not cook, smoothies offer a fast, tasty way to include more vegetables and fruit in the day.

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How to Be a Date Person

I should have known what would happen when I asked the Epi team Slack channel about everyone's favorite date. Within seconds, social media manager Andrew Spena responded with the oft-meme'd line from Miss Congeniality.


8 Honey-Infused Recipes That Are A Sweet Way To Celebrate National Honey Month

September is National Honey Month, and while every day seems like a good enough excuse to celebrate this naturally sweet, super powered ingredient, you could take your culinary creativity up a few notches by trying some honey-infused recipes that may be new to your repertoire.


50 Vegan Snacks to Try Right Now (or When Your Next Snack Attack Hits)

Following a vegan diet? Navigating the snack aisle of the grocery store can be tough. There are so many ingredients to scan through. It takes some effort to determine if a food is healthy or not. And if it isn’t clearly marked,


The 30 All-Time Best Grocery Store Snacks for Kids

Across the board, 2020 has been a year when parents and children have spent more time together than pretty much ever before. Stay-at-home orders, lapses in safe childcare options, and transitions to online school


This Fridge-Foraged Meal Is the Best Accident to Ever Come Out of My Kitchen

My fridge was looking pretty bleak a few days after Christmas. After going three weeks without so much as a grocery run, I was left with a half-finished bottle of cheap white


Everything You Need to Pull off a Proper Backyard Movie Night

Take the theater experience outside this summer with a drive-in-caliber movie night under the stars in your backyard, on your patio/rooftop, or whatever sliver of open-air space you have.


Gift Ideas For Foodies That Are Equal Parts Unique & Delicious

When it comes to finding gift ideas for foodies, there are a couple of things to consider: One, they've probably experienced their fair share of textures and tastes; and two, they're always excited to try something new.


How ‘90s Nostalgia Took Over the Snack Aisle

I have a recurring dream that’s at once eerie and comforting. I’m back at my small liberal arts college in the Hudson Valley and it’s the night before the soccer team’s fitness test


The 37 Best Healthy Snacks of 2020, According to Our Editors

We tested more than 100 new products to come up with these winning nibbles and bites that will satisfy whatever craving you have—in the healthiest way possible!


Here Are the Winners of the 2020 Men's Health Snack Awards

One third of Americans admit that they’re snacking more than they were before the pandemic, according to the 2020 Food and Health Survey.Actually kind of surprising: Most people are maintaining their weight despite


All About Date Syrup, an All-Natural Liquid Sweetener

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

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6 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

Get ready coffee-lovers, because September 29th is National Coffee Day and you need to prepare. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep, I am here to give you the ultimate list of ways to celebrate all things coffee!

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6 Ways to Celebrate National Coffee Day

Get ready coffee-lovers, because September 29th is National Coffee Day and you need to prepare. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep, I am here to give you the ultimate list of ways to celebrate all things coffee!


The Top 12 Groceries That Will Make School Lunch Easy on You (No Matter Where Your Kid Is Eating)

Whether your kids are going back to school in person or virtually, or you’re going the homeschooling route, one thing is for certain: They are going to need lunch. As a registered dietitian and mom


35 Gifts for Pregnant Women Who Deserve a Little Pampering

If anyone deserves to be spoiled rotten, it's a pregnant woman. Whether a first-time or fourth-time mom, nourishing new life is a round-the-clock job that takes a physical and mental toll.


15+ Back-to-School Snacks Your Kid Won’t Want to Trade

Though the school year may look a little different this fall, there’s no doubt that in between all the tests, quizzes, art projects and presentations, kids big and small will need some snacks to keep them fueled throughout the day.


The 31 Best Healthy Snacks You Can Buy Online

You might be looking for the best snacks to buy because your lockdown-induced Big Homesteader Energy—you know, the kind that has the entire internet baking sourdough and darning socks—is waning.


Flying During COVID-19? 20 Things to Bring If You Absolutely Have to Travel

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. With COVID-19 on the rise in many states across the country, annual getaways that typically dot our calendars during summer are essentially nonexistent.


20 Filling Road Trips Snack Perfect For Your Vacation Car Rides

Cold seltzer in your cup holder? Check. Curated Spotify playlist blasting through the speakers? Check. Partner in crime riding shotgun? Check. Sounds like all that's missing from the checklist for a perfect road tric


10 Food & Beverage Products Perfect for Fourth of July

Though Fourth of July celebrations across the country may be cancelled, you can keep the party going with these 10 products from emerging food & beverage brands. Stay connected. Follow Foodboro on Instagram for the latest tips and trends in food and beverage.


The Beauty of Food

Sometimes simple is best. Joolies, the California-based, USDA-certified organic Medjool date company, knows that what grows from the ground up is always a smart choice


14 Healthy, Shelf-Stable Foods That Can Help You Get Your Share of Fruits and Veggies

Pacific Foods Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup ($14 for 12) is made with real red pepper and tomato, along with amazing herbs and spices. This shelf-stable soup is a perfect solution to help get your produce in when fresh isn't readily available


16 of the healthiest snacks on Amazon

There’s nothing more difficult than the quest to eat healthy when you’re tired of everything in your fridge. Luckily, there are plenty of shelf-stable products available on Amazon that will be at your doorstep



Joolie’s new Organic Medjool Date Snack Pack offers the perfect trio of treats to tame a sweet tooth or a growling tummy.


20 books you should read right now

As you have probably discovered already, spending hours upon hours watching Netflix doesn’t exactly do much for your brain. Rather than going from full work mode to total TV takeover mode


What Our Team Loved in April

It's no secret that our household takes cocktail hour very seriously. So when my dad recently sent us this new citrus juicer, which purports to squeeze


Stock Your Pantry With Ingredients from Around the World, Care of These Online Shops

You’ve stocked your pantry with some basics, but now you can’t stop thinking about vegetable dum biryani, chorizo tacos, or nasi lemak.


The Snacks Our Editors and Writers Are Buying

If you follow our monthly Strategist Haul, you’re familiar with the idiosyncrasies of our editors’ and writers’ shopping habits. Generally, we report our shopping highlights — the stylish sleeveless snap cardigans, excellent Susan Choi novels, and especially complex sesame oil we’ve


14 Healthy Shelf-Stable Food Options, According to Nutritionists

Baresnacks offers vegan, shelf-stable chips are made solely from real apples that are baked, not fried. Fuji and Reds Apple Chips have no added sugar or preservatives, so they’re the perfect snack to have for yourself or give to the family.

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@crepesofwrath instagram feed post

I had everything already in my cupboard to make these vegan no-bake brownies from @elavegan and they are soooo good! They're chewy and fudgey and surprisingly healthy since they're made with flaxseed and dates


6 Healthy Snacks To Buy Right Now — That Are Actually Available

Another hurdle has become finding what you need online — now that everyone else is also trying to grab a lot of the same goods that you are (here's looking at you, toilet paper and sanitizer). But none of this means you have to resort to eating poorly. Some of the most popular and delicious healthy snacks are still available to buy right now, which is at least one less thing to worry about.

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Product showcase 2020: Where to find an online snack to fend off that attack while self-isolating

Joolies is changing the ‘date-ing game’ with its snacks packed with medjool dates. Dates are high in plant fibre and have a low glycaemic index. They are also packed with magnesium, B vitamins and 50% more potassium than a banana by weight.

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LA Businesses Racing to Adapt

Another local company adjusting to life during lockdown is Venice-based startup Joolies, which produces sweet snacks using dates from its farm in Palmdale

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Emerging brands go direct-to-consumer as retailers pause demos, resets amid coronavirus

Still smarting from the sting of pivotal trade shows cancelling due to the coronavirus, many natural and better-for-you brands are pivoting to deliver their message of healthy eating straight to shoppers rather than relying on retailers to communicate their benefits to consumers.

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Nikki Phillippi - Joolies is mentioned


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Joolies' Date Snack Pack Contains Just Three Pitted or Whole Dates

Organic California Medjool date grower Joolies is introducing a brand-new date Snack Packs that contain either three pitted dates or three whole dates.


50 Vegan Snacks to Try Right Now

Following a vegan diet? Navigating the snack aisle of the grocery store can be tough. There are so many ingredients to scan through. It takes some effort to determine if a food is healthy or not. And if it isn’t clearly marked, it can be an absolute pain to find out if something is acceptable to eat on a plant-based diet.


Joolies Announces New Snack Pack Ahead of 2020 Natural Products

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Joolies, grower of organic California medjool dates, announced that its new product, Snack Packs, will launch at Expo West, exhibiting on March 4 - March 6, 2020.


Joolies Grows Distribution From Coast to Coast

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Joolies, known for fresh organic California Medjool Dates, has expanded distribution to over 500 stores in the past few months and is also available online on Thrive Market and Amazon.com.


Brands to Visit at the Fancy Food Show 2020

Be sure to try products made by these brands we admire at the Fancy Food Show. Email amrit@cmyk.vc to add your brand here, and subscribe to our newsletter for our show recap. We also curated a list of restaurants and retail in San Francisco for your trip.


21 Healthy Vegan Snacks That Are Jam-Packed with Flavor

Eat a few dates split in the middle and stuffed with peanut butter and topped with shredded coconut, and you’ll see why you need to load up on a 2-pack of Joolies ($24). Dates are a great source of disease-fighting antioxidants and fiber. Find more vegan snacks on Amazon.


35 Essential Paleo-Friendly Groceries to Stock Up on — Whether or Not You’ve Gone Paleo

Because you’re supposed to avoid processed foods on the Paleo diet (ahem, our ancestors did not have them!), you’ll want to choose snacks that are as close to their whole food state as possible. You also want to avoid additives and “non-natural” sugars. Here are a few Paleo snacks we couldn’t live without.


What to put in your oatmeal if you can’t do another day of raisins and cinnamon without falling asleep into your bowl

Bored of honey and agave? Shake things up by sweetening your oatmeal with date syrup instead. “Date syrup is made from the superfruit dates, so it’s naturally rich in stress-relieving magnesium and potassium,” says Beckerman, who’s also the author of The Better Period Food Solution and host of Well+Good’s You Versus Food. “There are a lot of fun brands to try, but I’ve been choosing Joolies’s organic medjool date syrup because they don’t add any sweeteners or concentrates to their final product, so it’s good in my book.”


The 9 best brands we saw at Expo West 2019

Last week, we walked the worlds largest tradeshow treadmill, also known as Expo West. This is the Superbowl of the natural and organic food industry, with some 85,000 folks in attendance and thousands of brands for four days of delicious designs and samples galore.


Infused water ideas to help make drinking h20 more flavorful — and beneficial

It’s hot out. And if the heat isn’t reason enough to make you up your water intake, you should probably know that being better hydrated also means having clearer and more youthful skin, more energy, a boosted immune system, and healthy joints.


The most exciting new groceries that hit shelves this june

School’s out, and so are a bunch of new supermarket products! I tried 50 new groceries that just came out in June to find the best ones just for you.


Joolies: organic medjool dates

We’ll Be the Best Date You Ever Had. Throw out any baggage from your past date-ing experiences. Joolies will change the way you snack and smoothie!


Joolies brand debuts at Expo West

Joolies, a new organic medjool date company is celebrating its official launch at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California this March.


5 Healthier alternatives to your go-to junk foods

There’s no shame in the occasional culinary indulgences, but if you’re trying to keep your eating choices largely on the nutritious side, that probably means finding some healthier alternatives to junk foods you crave.


Bringing organic medjool dates straight from farm to global snacking market

Joolies will be co-exhibiting in the North Hall, Booth N2330 with The Osso Good Company, another Venice Brands company.


US and Europe first to see new organic medjool date brand

A California medjool date grower is looking to reinvigorate the category and move dates into the position of a desirable lifestyle brand as they launch their new date products.


27 healthy and easy-to-pack snacks to take on-the-go

Why it's great: Dates are an excellent source of antioxidants and fiber, said Zerling. “These dates are grown in the U.S. which guarantees freshness and that they are organically grown,” who suggested wrapping two to three up in a coconut wrap with 1 tablespoon of Wild Friends Nut Butter to create the perfect mini travel sandwich.


Launching a Direct-to-Consumer Farm Business through Branding with Dave Kohl, Founder of Joolies

Dave Kohl is the founder of Joolies, a California based farm and CPG brand producing Medjool date products. Dave and his family founded the original date farm two decades ago and recently launched Joolies. He shares more about the company’s origin and how they strategically built the brand and product messaging.


We Taste-Tested Hundreds of Healthy Snacks—and These Are the Best Ones

Dates are known as nature’s candy; one bite into these fiber-rich gems and you’ll know why. Tender, sweet, and caramelly, they’re tastier than most desserts. ($22; amazon.com) 110 Calories, 1g Protein, 0g Fat, 3g Fiber


The Best Stocking Stuffers That Women Actually Want

Opening stocking stuffers is always a highlight of Christmas morning. But if the giftee is a grown woman—be it your wife, sister, mom, grandmother, or teenaged daughter—picking a handful of goodies she actually wants can be a challenge.

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