Our product offerings:
  • Organic medjool dates are available in our consumer retail packs, 11lb boxes in various grades: Jumbo, Large, Premium, Value, Confection
  • Organic medjool date syrup is available in bulk volumes (5gal pails and 617lb drums)
  • Deglet noor dates are available in whole and pitted; organic and conventional
  • Bulk date paste and diced dates are also available; organic and conventional

Date syrup is a sweetener with benefits: a sugar alternative to sweeten anything with the added benefits of the medjool dates! High in vitamins and minerals and low on the glycemic index. Organic medjool date syrup is great on pancakes, in coffee, in your superfood smoothies, smoothie bowls or even as a savory sauce base.


Joolies’ 1000 acre organic date farm is located in Coachella Valley under the California sun with water fed from the Colorado River. The perfect trifecta of sun, soil and water feed our dates and are hand-picked through three rounds of harvest. Quality and care you can trust.