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We all love dates but did you know medjools are super beneficial for moms-to-be and nursing moms?

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Date-ing While Pregnant


Health benefits

  1. Fiber is a pregnant woman’s best friend, and dates are a perfect vessel.
  2. Dates are chocked full of pregnancy-friendly nutrients.
  3. Dates can support a healthy labor.
  4. Dates are a healthy sweet treat that has a low glycemic index.

Real Mom Testimonials


I ate Joolies dates in my last trimester and as a first-time mom, my labor was smooth and fast! Checked into the hospital at 6 am, the baby was born at 1 pm! I’ve heard of moms being in labor for over 24 hours. Who knows if it was the dates, but I’ll definitely be eating them again with the next pregnancy - Emily


I didn’t eat dates before I was pregnant but I’ve loved sneaking them into my prenatal smoothies or scooping 1 (or 3) in the jar of nut butter for a snack and now I’m addicted. I was sure to make ahead some date bars and throw them in the freezer so I had healthy snacks after giving birth to my daughter! Now I have to make extra for the whole family. -Sammi


We love Joolies! The dates made my little girl fly out lol. My active labor was only 4 hours, which was crazy! I’m so grateful. I always had at least 2-3 a day, in general, most of my pregnancy and then I started 6 dates a day around 35-36 weeks! -Cait


Date-ing Pro Tips:

  • Eat 5-7 Dates a Day in the 3rd Trimester for an easier labor 🤰
  • Dates are super easy to snack, smoothie and incorporate into recipes 🥣
  • Freeze dates to extend freshness 💯
  • Add Joolies to your Amazon Baby Registry 🍼
  • Make recipes ahead and of your due DATE 📆
  • Add Joolies to your hospital bag 👜

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